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Readers Respond: Tips on How to Keep a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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Got any advice on how to keep a boyfriend or girlfriend interested? Share some relationship tips!

If She Cries...

If she cries, hold her closely and don't let go. If she hangs up call her back. If he gets mad at u for being mad at him and hangs up saying "Call me when ur ready to talk," don't just leave it. Guys hate that, it makes them feel that you don't care.
—Guest Tay Tate

Make Him Feel Special

Make him feel special. Talk, talk sincerely. And if he is really meant for you, he will come.
—Guest shocks


If in school, talk. Give her/him your number and invite her/him over some time.
—Guest liam


A key thing to making a relationship last is trust. Make sure your bf/gf knows that you trust them, but don't let them use that against you. Don't let people change your mind or push you around, follow your own opinion and make sure you give your partner some space and freedom, don't be possessive ;)

guides(decoding movments)

Boyfriend guide: She walks away from you mad*fallow her* She brushes against your hand*you grab hers* She's cold *give her your jacket She slaps or hits you*grab her and don't let go* She stares at your lips*kiss her* GIRLFRIEND GUIDE: He pokes you*get closer to him* To be continued.......
—Guest hannahluhvzya

If You Love Them, It'll Be Easy!

If you really love the person, you won't have to TRY; your love for each other will keep you together. And if God WANTS you to be with that person, He'll keep your relationship strong.
—Guest Renee

How to keep a boyfriend(:

Having a boyfriend is great, especially one that you can be yourself around. The trick is to first get a good boyfriend, and then you get to figure out how to keep him. *always respect him, don't degrade him in anyway, what's worse than having a boyfriend that dislikes you? *don't forget he has feelings too, all guys do, and they want you to care about themm as much as they care about you. So don't forget to ask them how their day went& if anything is bothering them. *don't force them to fall in love with, love is something that comes naturally and by forcing it, you're proving that you are not a good girlfriend. *always be yourself, if he likes you, he will like all of you. And if you like him, you have to accept his weird & sometimes annoying behaviors too, because everybody has them. I hope this helps: if there's anyways I can improve, submit your own! (:
—Guest Samantha

Be Yourself

Be yourself. If he is into you, he will be with you. If not, don't bother about changing who you are for him because you want to keep him. Stay true to yourself gal.
—Guest Pumela

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