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Readers Respond: How Can You Tell When Someone Likes You?

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Three Ways to Tell

1. If the girl likes u she'll start being nicer/meaner to you than to other people. 2. If the guys likes you USUALLY he'll be nicer to you than to anyone else and always acts a little more upbeat around you, and sometimes gives you little presents. 3. I get hugged a lot (I'm a guy) but none if these girls "like" me
—Guest Azn Kid

They Know Every Detail

If sum1 likes u then he or she will try to know everything about u, n later he will know everything about u..............
—Guest poonam

Hugs You a Lot

she spends a lot of time talking to u and she finds reasons to hug u.
—Guest guest

Beware, Don't Take It Too Far...

I liked a girl in school for 18 weeks. In that time I got to talk to her and stuff. Then she invites me to her game in the city which is a 1 hour drive. I drove there, saw the game, went home, then I told her I came even though she didn't notice me....all that effort for nothing. But wait, it gets better. This apparently freaked her out and she told people in school what I done and she thought I was gonna kidnap her like in Borat. My point is no girl is worth what I done, my intentions were pure and from her perspective I was a rapist or something. Don't make my mistake of liking some1 that much that u do very desperate things. My mind was caged and tortured for 18 weeks thinking about her. Now I'm free and it feels so good!!!
—Guest mr x

Staring and Impression

I like this guy, and to see if he likes me back, me and my friends did an investigation. If he stares at you every 25 seconds then turns around or smiles awkwardly when you catch him (which he did!) or if you're by him or with him he tries to act out or act up near his friends (in my case he would try do dance better than his best friend) and finally if he randomly comes up to u and gives u a compliment on how u look that day. (My crush said, "Hey I like ur new hair color." He was the first to notice the pink!)
—Guest 4 his i's only


You catch them staring at you a lot,and it takes them a while to stop, they might smile, stop staring, then you'll find them staring again in a few minutes.
—Guest aliyah101

If They Always Want to Be Near You

It's happened to me a lot. This boy Milan always wants to be around me + like why do u have to be around me? Get lost.
—Guest lil miss swagger

Always txts you

If they are always texting u then it is usually a sure sign they like u . Try asking them if they r txting u at like 12:00 at night if u r the only one they r txting. Also if they r txting u ALL the time.
—Guest Me me me

Listen to NUMBER SIX

Awesome advice, the sixth one is very true!! Especially if the friends are drunk or just very outgoing.
—Guest Sofia, 20

Teasing and Poking You

I would like to add a personal experience of mine with a young girl. She really liked me and her main way of showing it was to tease me and poke me and sometimes to hit me, or even bite me once she started to really like me. It's not normal and she had issues but sometimes even when people get older they are still pulling the hair and calling bad names to the person that they are crazy about. So it can be hard to tell if someone is being mean to you because they don't like you or being mean because they do like you. lol If the person does like you there should be other clues as well. But I found that if the person is treating you mean and it really upsets you they'll usually do something or other to try to make it better a bit later on. They will not like seeing you in real emotional pain. For me I had other major clues but regardless you should be able to figure it out by how they treat you when you are really hurting. because if they are the cause, they will be hurting too.
—Guest The Wanderer

:) Always Flirting

Well me and such a cutie are always flirting but the problem is we won't ask each other out ;) x
—Guest Guest

Elephant Memory

If guy likes you, he'll remember all the stuff you said. Like, once you mentioned you favorite pizza topping and whenever the situation comes up, he knows exactly what you want.
—Guest Le Quack

When He/She Plays with You

This is not always true, but you can tell if a person likes you when he/she plays with you a lot, or if he/she is constantly staring at you.
—Guest keke

So True

These are true. I'm a shy girl, and I would do these. :) but it's so cute. :) it reminds me of me and my ex...
—Guest EllenRemle

Finding Excuses to Talk to You

Someone on the shy side might always ask you about the same thing, such as a class you're both in, because they're not sure what else to say yet.
—Guest michael

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