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Readers Respond: How Can You Tell When Someone Likes You?

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What signs are a dead giveaway that someone likes you? Tell us the hints you've picked up on in other people - or that your crushes have noticed about you.

Stares and Small Conversations

When someone likes you, you catch them staring at you, and then they look back, or sometimes they smile and ask you a small question just for them not to be obvious. :)
—Guest ibelievesomeday

3 Signs Someone Likes You

1. He is always mocking you or teasing you and then apologizes when you frown about it. 2. You constantly catch him staring at you and he turns away when you see him. 3. He is super nice to you and you notice he isn't this way with most people. My crush did all of this and now we're together happy as can be.
—Guest Hipster

They Put Their Hand on Your Face

If he likes you back then maybe he'll touch your face, but my crush moved my hair out out of my face.
—Guest guesnaenae

Read Past the Mixed Signals

I know it can be hard. But trust me, it will help. Does he frequently stare at you? Does he look away and act like it's all in your head when you catch him staring? These are all signs. And don't forget the body language. Do his feet point in your direction? Does he laugh at even the dumbest most pointless jokes you say? Does he hug you, send you emails when you're apart, and doesn't even tell you his crush? These are all signs. Trust me.
—Guest Brenda

Lots of Hugs

My best guy friend likes me and he had started to pay a lot more attention to me and hug me all the time.
—Guest ri

He's Always Around You

Every time u turn around, you will c him somewhere near u. Some ppl say that is stalker-ish, but in most cases it is not.
—Guest Guest Ree

You Two Completely Hit it Off

Me and this guy met and instantly became super best friends. We spend the better part of everyday 2gether. Then it turns out he liked me.
—Guest Just sum1 in love

If He Talks a Lot

If he talks to you a lot or tries to be in your every conversation, he likes you. If he's just trying to be a showoff then he is really crushing on you big time.;)
—Guest Drama Queen

He'll Have an Excuse to be Complimented

I had a guy who was in the same play as me, and he kept talking about how ugly his costume was compared to mine. I think he wanted to be told that his costume didn't look that bad.
—Guest DinosaurLove

If He's Always Flirting

My absolute best guy friend and I are always flirting. Once he gave me his jacket to wear and he says we're just friends but I'm not 100% sure. I know I really like him and I'll always give him sweet compliments and he always gives me hugs and I try to let it last as long as possible.
—Guest Lover

3 Ways to Find Out he Likes You

The ways I find out if a guy likes me is : I always try to make eye contact because if one person smiles, your crush should laugh or smile in a good way, 2. I stay close to him, not like stalkin him but I pull my friends near him. DON'T AVOID THEM, they will never know they like you them. 3. I walk up to my crush an ask a simple question, not something like what's ur favorite color, like what's your name if u aren't that close to him, and if you're close with him, ask about his relationship because every time I do they say how it is and why I asked them. That's ur time to joke around and say, oh nuthin, and make him want to know you even more. KEEP HIM WRAPPED UP ON YOU...trust me it works...lohl:D
—Guest The best way to find out

12 Signs Someone Likes You :">

He/she will always find reasons to be near you and hang out with you. You'll catch him/her in the act of staring at you. He/she will find the simplest reasons to hug you or have any sort of physical contact with you. His/her friends may tease or hint at you. You feel "sparks" when you lock gazes or accidentally/purposely touch hands. He/she will tease and/or flirt with you a lot (poking, etc). He/she will try and impress you and make a positive impact by making you laugh or something. He/she takes an interest in the things you say and do and may even start getting more into the things you like. He/she will remember things that you have said and times you've been together. He/she will text you a lot and find excuses to talk to you. If he/she is big on hugs, you'll notices that the hugs you two share may have a much more meaningful taint to it (i.e. longer, tighter) He/she hints at it him/herself, or even tells you. :)
—Guest alyssa

His Friend Talks About You

Once my crush and his friend were talking in front of me, and his friend said, "I know who (my crush's name) likes!" and he said my name! :) Then my crush hit him (not like a punch though) and I just acted like I didn't hear it. Another time I was sitting in front of my crush and his friends. I heard my name come up so I turned around, and my crush just stared @ me. We didn't say anything. He's always helping me, and teasing me, but I don't know if he likes me. I think he does but I'm not sure what his response will be when I tell him that I like him. Does he like me?
—Guest confused?!

Asks for Help Constantly

A way to tell is if she asks to help lifting a glass so she can put a clean tablecloth. That's my case.

How I Found Out Some1 Likes Me

I had a crush on a boy, and I said, I want to ask u something but I can't. He said, just say it, and I said, do you at least know what I want to say? He said no, then I said, I'm asking if you want to go out with me. He said, I had been waiting on you to say that. I was like, how did you know? He said, 1. because u always gave me compliments, 2. every time our conversation ends, you try your hardest to keep it going, 3. and you always flirt (saying how cute they are, how they're the hottest guy in the world). I hope this helps. O,h and he said yes :)
—Guest deje

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