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Readers Respond: Do You Think Love at First Sight is Real?

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Absolutely not. I can't believe so many people are saying it does. The potential for love might occur at first sight but there are still introductions to be made and experiences to be had before you can determine if you love the person. Just because you want to love them at first sight, and then things coincidentally work out and you fall in love with that person... does not mean by any means that you actually experienced love at first sight.
—Guest JD

Yes It Is

Teen love is real if you just trust in your heart. I know I do.
—Guest brittany canales

Uhhhh, Yeah!

I think that love at first sight is when u see someone over and over and don't realize until after you've had a long eye contact that u are madly in love with him. I am 15 and he is 16 and everyone says we are too young to know what love is. But I feel we love the same as anyone older than us. I had seen him repeatedly at one of my youth groups at church, but hadn't realized AT ALL how I felt about him until he stared me in the eyes, looked away, and looked right back. I fell in love. I know he knows even though I never told him and I know he feels the same way too. Just from a look. See, love isn't based on how someone looks, but how you see their soul.
—Guest chelsea

It's Just an Infatuation

I don't think there is such thing as love at first sight. I think it's infatuation that's taking over. After reading this I've realized that I was under that halo effect. Just recently I really liked this guy and I even almost considered it loved. I thought he was perfect tall, American, athletic and really handsome. Then in a way I was blinded for sometime because of the halo effect. He was a jerk to me. He lead me on but I didn't notice because as if I used his looks as a free card to let him do whatever. And girls never allow any guy to do that because it's true u can't base a guy on his looks it's not all the time that his beautiful exterior matches what's inside. I think when you are truly in love with someone you wouldn't need the urge to say I love you because you've showed it enough to them that when u say it they'll say I know and tell you the same thing. Words are meaning less without proof.
—Guest cellah

Looks Don't Say Nothing About Feelings

Sometimes a person might see another person that looks good, thinking that you fell in love. It's just an expression of thinking that I want to get with you, because you cannot at any point fall in love at first sight with someone you don't even know.

It's Real for Me

I believe in love at first sight. I've seen it, and lived it. Love at first sight is when you see "him." In every heart there is a magnet. There is one person in the world whose magnet matches yours. You just have to find them. Yeah I'm young, but I love someone just as much as any adult could love their match. Not everyone finds their match, because America is lazier. That is why there is more divorce. Because now we mistake lust as love, and eventually your knight in shining armor is just a dork in tinfoil. I'm in love with my best friend. I have been since the day I met him. So don't be lazy. Take chances. Live life to the fullest. And when you see "him"....... Say hi.
—Guest Guest His Bella

Yes, I Think So

I didn't believe it until a few weeks back. I was at school and a good friend of mine got up to solve an equation. He used to like me in the past, but we were on friendly terms always. And I just casually stared at him, cause I'd realised I hadn't really noticed him for some time. And while I was looking at him, thinking that the gym's done a good work, and that I regret not getting closer to him when I had the chance, it hit me. Almost literally I might say. It was like a powerful slap, straight in the head. I haven't managed to take him off my mind ever since. I'm not sure if it counts exaclty as love in the first sight, because I knew him even before that, but the symptoms match!
—Guest Minerva


Yes, I think love really can happen at 1st site. I'm only 13 but I went to a lock-in and I met this kid there and I would say I love him. I mean his dad lives in MI but his mom lives in Florida, he was just visiting, we talked all the time and webcams every day we could. We broke up after a month, it was working that good. Well it's ten months later, and I never met anyone better then him, never stopped crying over him and still in love with him and it was the first second I saw him I fell in love.
—Guest kayla


If u r true in loving a guy, then that guy will be true to u.
—Guest sandy

No Way

I do not believe in love at all. I was never loved by no one. How can love exist if we never live it, never feel it. I was in love once when I was young. I loved that boy with all my heart, he seemed to love me too. We was together about one year. In fact he never said to me at he loves me, was just I to believe that, was I blind of love to think so, was my heart who told me to think so because I wanted to be real but never was real. After a year he left without saying a word to me, like I never existed for him. He just left and from that day I never heard from him anymore, he lived the country for a better life a guess, but something tells at me mind if he ever loved me at lest half of love I felt for him he could never life without saying a word to me. And you think there is love at first sight, no there is no love at first sight ,you love what you see, eyes, nose, lips, hear, boobs, but you do not love the person, you love the appearance.
—Guest jezus


No I don't think love at first sight is real. You can never love someone in the first place. You have to know them to talk to them to stay with them for a long time to love them >This is just a physical love at first sight. I don't believe in it.
—Guest lin

I Don't Think Love at First Sight's Real

I don't think love at first sight is real because it makes no sense to fall in love with someone at first when you don't know who they really are as yet. I agree you can be attracted to someone at first sight. That is definitely possible! Love is something you grow into, it takes time to get to know someone and really appreciate them for who they are. That's love, and it takes time.
—Guest sue

It Depends

Love at first sight isn't always real, but somtimes it is. Like when you finally meet the one it isn't always clear. But no matter what, you'll at least get married once.
—Guest jessica

Absolutely, But Not the Way Thought

Love at first sight is very real, but it is a different first sight. You might have vaguely known someone but then suddenly one day it just strikes you like an ax, it feels like meeting them ALL OVER AGAIN. I should know, I talked to my current love after school every day for a year and I thought she was weird and that she was entirely hated by society. Then one day I walking into school and she was the most beautiful person I had ever met, and she was the smartest, most amazing girl in the world. I see her that way every day, despite what everyone else says about their own relationships, my attraction has never faded, we are only MORE in love than that day I saw her for what she was. O did I mention we have been dating for 4 years without fighting one time? Entirely open?
—Guest Sam

I've Never Felt It...

I've seen people glance at each other one day and the next they're an item, but the best relationship of my life started with a bike crash and being bombarded with unladylike words and phrases by my soon to be gf.
—Guest Jax

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