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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Thing to Talk About with Your Boyfriend?

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Help all those tongue-tied girlfriends out there who don't know what to say to their boyfriends: share your favorite topic of conversation between you and your sweetie!

Anything That Comes to Mind

Me and him have been dating for like a week or so and I really like him. I love his presents too. I just love being around him. We talk about everything and anything that comes to mind. I really like HIM (:
—Guest Lover

The Future

I want to talk about our future but I don't know how. So can anyone help plz thanks xx
—Guest chloelovesryan

Dream World

I love to talk about dream world . . Our future . . Future talks . . I love everything . . I love dream world
—Guest Mado

Anything and Everything

Well, me and my boyfriend are very open about everything, so I love talking to him about anything and everything.

"Free Ticket"

I always say "guess what! You now have a free ticket to ask me anything ;) I HAVE answer honestly." Then after you answer, say, "My turn;)" And after awhile it turns into a fun little game. It's very nice being honest and it can make some sparks fly!!
—Guest Annie N

Things in Your Past, Present and Future

Me and my boyfriend are about 2 years apart and it's so easy to talk about things that we did in our past present and future. If you just open up to each other it gets really easy to be together as a couple.
—Guest Amy


I lurveeee talkin 2 ma bf bout sports + stuff coz we are both into itttt! x
—Guest Crisi

Nothing and Everything

Anything that happens to pop up, really. From photographs to cows to stuff about ourselves. I think the best judge of how a relationship is going to pan out is how in sync you both are mentally. Which means not having to hunt around for topics to talk about because it flows naturally.
—Guest Lilithia

Dream Future

We NORMALLY just talk about regular stuff, like how our day went and such, but my favorite thing to talk about is his dream future for us. It's adorable. (:
—Guest Shortie

If I would get prego.

Me and my boyfriend have had sex. But he also had it with his best friend/ex. I still HATE when he talks about her. I think because I'm a little jealous....but the first time we had sex he thought I was pregnant. The only thing I didn't have was morning sickness. Thank GOD!! So if I would have gotten pregnant, we wouldn't be the right parents for that baby. SO adoption was my first opt. but he didn't want that. Well, that's what we talk about when we are just bored. And thinking about the past. (:
—Guest AppleSausee !

Random Questions

When I'm with my boyfriend I like to ask him any random questions on my mind. It's a great way to get to know him even better. It's also a good way to laugh about our mistakes. Relationships don't have to be serious after all. Sometimes it's fun to just ask random questions.
—Guest Panda

Great Article!

Not just the regular mumbo-jumbo. Really great tips and ideas! Thanks! :-)
—Guest hotmama

The Future

The most favorite thing to talk about with my boyfriend is probably our future together, such as when we'll get married, how many kids will we have, where will we live, those types of things.
—Guest skye

Everything (It's Easier Than it Sounds)

We've only been going out for a week, and we've talked about EVERYTHING. Love, just things that are on our minds, why I love him and why he loves me, why we like each other, our likes and dislikes. I thought at first it wasn't going to be easy to open up to him, but once we started talking, it's so much easier than it sounds. Not to brag or anything, but he really is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. I'm only a freshman in high school, but he's a junior... but he's not like anyone... wow I should just stop. lol. Well yeah... :)
—Guest Ellen


I like to talk about our previous dates with my boyfriend and let him know that I had a great time.
—Guest rachel

Why We Love Each Other

We talk about why we love each other, and what we can do to improve our relationship. And sometimes we just talk about our day. My favorite is talking about why we love each other.
—Guest Secret (;
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