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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Date Spot?

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Got some great ideas for cheap, fun dates? Share your #1 date spot. (Don't worry, we'll try not to show up at the same time.)


The best date I ever had was going out to a local diner for milkshakes instead of going out to a pub/bar. It's refreshing to do something a little different.
—Guest ShakeIt

At the Beach

My bf & I go surfing and then we go on the beach and french kiss. It's fun, I love it.
—Guest emily

Ice Skating

There's nothing better than this. :-D I'm sorta average at it, but when I slipped and fell, he gave me a hug and he held my hands and lifted me back up ^*^
—Guest Yuri

Take Out

My boyfriend and I like to go pick up take out, rent a couple movies and stay in bed.
—Guest fran

The Back of His Truck

Me and my "boyfriend(?)" let his friend drive his truck while we rode in the very back. I lay and looked up at the trees and clouds passing by, and he just watched me. After a while we resorted to kissing :) IlikeHIm
—Guest Snowflake

Movie in the Car

I'm lucky to have car and a laptop with films. I park in quiet spot, we get in the back and set the laptop up in middle of the front seats. Works great for me and the gf.
—Guest ginger

A Cheap Restaurant

Go to a cheap resturant like T.G.I. Fridays!!! Someplace quick.
—Guest Deidra

The B-Ball Court

It's the best spot to just hang out and talk, and if you run out of things to say you can always just shoot some hoops or you can wager something like me and my girl do. If I make a hoop iIget a kiss, and if I lose she gets to drive the car. Or just mix it up your own way.

Nature Walks

It's in the middle of the woods so u can do almost anything without anyone seeing (including your parents). I love it cuz I can kiss my girlfriend and she loves it!
—Guest mike

Go Swimming!

I can't believe no one has mentioned this yet. I love going swimming with my boyfriend, it's completely free and fun. It's amazing to hold onto him. He lets me climb on top of his shoulders and we always have an amazing time just doing things like racing, playing, and holding each other. The more private the area, the better, whether it be a secluded lake or your own pool, but things like aquatic centers or public pools are still fun and are either free or extremely cheap to gain admission to.
—Guest Rinny

The Bedroom

It is a perfect area for dates always. Not uncomfortable, no disturbance and I like it.

Anywhere That's Quiet!

My new boyfriend and I were in my woodsy backyard, where we talked and listened to the birds sing. That's always nice for me.
—Guest Benedie S.

At Home

When me and my boyfriend were together, we would go into his game room and kiss.
—Guest >ashley

Home Movie & a Walk

I invited my bf over and we watched a movie, walked the dog to the park and talked for ages. We are totally into each other. :p
—Guest Da sexy bitch

Ice Cream

Going for ice cream is incredibly easy and fun. Try and find a place you can both bike to, just try not to make a mess.
—Guest Bob

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