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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Way to Kiss?

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French Kiss

I really love it when my bf french kisses me...it's really wow!...
—Guest Lolla

Cross Kisses

My favorite kiss to give and to receive is what my great-grandma called cross kisses. You kiss your partner (or whomever) first on the forehead, then the chin, then the left cheek, and finally the right cheek. It's a sweet way to wish for the angels of heaven to protect your loved ones. It can be an intimate thing or it can calm a child down during a thunderstorm. I think it's just the sweetest thing.
—Guest Emilia


I loved it when my boyfriend used to put his face really close to mine and then he would wrap his arms around my waist and pull me to his body. I feel so safe and secure and I lose my breath. And then he leans in and as soon as our lips meet he puts his tongue in my mouth. It's so amazing but he used to always pull back too fast so I would always have to ask for another one. Too bad we broke up :(
—Guest still in love with him

Makeout Sesh

I love kissing for a long time...once did it for 6 hours! Time flew by. First I kiss her lips, then we french. I nibble on her tongue a tiny bit. I move to her neck, I bite softly while kissing, and licking. She loves it when I kiss her neck, and when she kisses mine. It rocks when ur a 15 year old guy in Vegas!
—Guest ladiesman217

"Bad Day Cure"

I love it when I talk to my bf and he can always tell that I'm having a bad day. Then in the middle of the conversation he kisses me. He don't even care where we are, cuz one time he was sent to the office cuz he did it rite in the middle of class.
—Guest nika:D

On the Neck

I love it when my bf kisses me on my neck. He starts by kissing me a couple times and then he starts sucking on my neck. He moves around to different spots and he just turns me ON!
—Guest KC

Long, Sexy, French kiss

Once my bf and I went 2 the movies and he drove us back 2 our house and he said 2 me in a panicked voice, "wait, I've forgotten something." I said, what? And he grabbed me and gave me a long sexy french kiss.
—Guest iluvsexmonster

In The Car Kiss

I love going on dates with my bf. He will be dropping me off at my house after taking me to a movie or something. I will be getting out of his car and he'll grab me around the waist, pull me back into the car, and kiss me. AH I could sit there for hours! When he finally lets me go, I don't want it to end!
—Guest The Girl Next Door

Best Friend Kisses

My best friend is a guy named Marty. He will kiss my neck and give me a hickey. It felt weird at first then I got used to it. I love it when Marty kisses me. He is sssoooo sexy!
—Guest alexandra

Best Kiss EVER!

I love it when my boyfriend kisses me. He kisses me on forehead, then nose, then lips, then neck. In between kisses on my neck, he whispers I love you. It turns me on. Then he comes back up to the lips and we make out. It makes me feel so special and wanted. Besides, when that happens, I'm getting kissed by the most handsome and sexy guy ever! LOVE IT!
—Guest baby

Sexy with Tounge

I love it when my hubby kisses me. We will be in our room and he will grab me around my waist. We will fall on the bed and make out. He is such a good kisser. Mostly with tongue. He sticks a little bit of his tongue into my mouth. SEXY!
—Guest dawn

Nice, Passionate Kiss

I love it when my bf kisses me he will catch me off guard. We will be sitting together and he will put his arm around me and kiss me without warning. He sometimes adds a little bit of tongue. I LOVE IT!:)
—Guest lynne

Slow-Building Kiss

I love to get really close to him and give him the 'look' (the 'kiss me, stupid' look) and then when we start kissing to slowly start, adding more and more tongue. I'm always all up on him and stuff. [I'm single now tho :) ... hey call me! ;)]
—Guest that one chick in ur homeroom

The Sweet Kind

I love it when I am sad and my bf gives me a long kiss on the lips.
—Guest love999999999

'Fall-Off-The-Bike' Kiss

My boyfriend - who won't actually let me classify him as such since I'm 14 and hes 18 and he is also hung up on statutory rape since my mom told him about it and scared him off even though he does exactly as a normal boyfriend does - does this thing when I'm on the back of his bike. So out of nowhere he'll turn around and kiss me and I nearly fall off the back of his bike but, as always, his strong hands have caught me. The kiss takes me by surprise, the nearly falling off gives a rush of excitement and the kiss makes my knees weaker than I can ever imagine; a rainbow of reactions adding up into AWESOMENESS! It was and still is magical to say the least.
—Guest Angela
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