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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Way to Kiss?

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Movie Makeout

Me and my bf watch movies at home all the time. I love it when I am in his arms after a long day curled up watching a romantic movie and I could almost fall asleep. He looks down at me half asleep and gently kiss me a few time then it leads to a full-on makeout on the floor..... FUN!
—Guest AnnieReigh

Lovely Makeout

I love when I kiss my bf. We make out and he goes softly and then starts in like really rough and intense and wild and amazing and it's so steamy lol :) I really really love it. I love when he rubs my back or puts his hands on my neck and when he breathes deeply when we kiss. Oh god, it's amazing and I love it!
—Guest saysaysky

Sweet Makeout

I love when my girl kisses me gently on the lips then looks at me, smiles, then goes back in for a makeout (: **Emily, Will you marry me?**
—Guest ScottyBoy

Breath Taking...

I absolutely love it when my boyfriend catches me off guard and kisses me passionately. He'll start off with a slow, gentle kiss and then press his lips harder against mine. Then we he decides to let him tongue join in on the fun, I feel so close to him... It's like we are connecting on such a deeper level.. I also love it when he puts his hands on the back of my neck or the small of my back... Either one takes my breath away every time... :)
—Guest MoC98

Forehead to Lips

I love when my bf will kiss my forehead or the top of my head, then we look into each other's eyes and then he kisses me on the lips and then slowly pushes in his tongue.
—Guest Paige

Long, Slow, Private and Loads of Tongue

I just love it when u sit in the dark for a long time kissing, and for me, the more tongue the better.
—Guest Cm121

Special Kiss

My first kiss was with my boyfriend, I'm kind of a shy person so when he kissed me I was so worried: am I doing it wrong?! But in the end, it was perfect! It's kinda French kiss but more tongue!! It makes me want more and more!! But then he starts with the tongue... It just gives my body a feeling of warmth, love and safety!! Not thinking about anything except him, our love, feelings and emotions to each other!! It's amaaaazing!! :)
—Guest Sweet-girl

Suprise Kiss

He walks up behind me when I'm at my locker and taps my shoulder, when I turn around, he grabs my waist and pulls me in and gently kisses my lips :)
—Guest When With Him

Take It Easy

It's ok to be scared or to be shy, you know...just try chatting and slowly getting in the mood, and don't feel pressured =D just kiss him when it seems right. I personally love when my girl and me hold each other tight without any kissing, just whispering in our ears...then slowly move back and start kissing=D
—Guest Mike

All Kisses are Scary

I'm scared about kissing my BF, I'm quite shy and not the flirty type but I'm scared.
—Guest rawr

The Good Kiss

Nice, sweet, lip to lip, closed mouth, eyes closed and hands on the girl's waist and behind her head with the other one, while she has her arms wrapped around your neck.
—Guest steven crawford

Any and All

I love a mixture of kisses. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like the sexy intense french kisses but other times I like soft, long closed mouth kisses and then he looks at me and smiles. So sweet! xx

Combo Kiss

My favorite kiss is when my girlfriend and I French kiss while breath kissing, it's awesome!
—Guest Someone

Tongue Game :)

We invented a fun game, it's really easy! I'll put my lips on his, then I'll spell out the word l-o-v-e and he'll try to guess what I spelled! It's super fun and a great ice breaker for the awkward kiss breaks. ;)
—Guest Shelbyloohoo

Long, Romantic Kiss

I love it when my boyfriend first gives me a wonderful romantic long kiss on my lips with tongue, and then he moves to neck. It's too much, I love it!!!!!!
—Guest shruthi

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