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How to Kiss Like in

Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Way to Kiss?

Responses: 122


Gentle : )

Starting with the forehead, then the nose, then the lips, then the neck, then back to the lips. It's such a turn-on.
—Guest sarah_holley

Soft and Gentle

My favorite way to kiss is when a guy turns looks at u, then smiles when u look at him. He then leans in a lil closer, stares in ur eyes and then closes his eyes and gives u a gentle and soft kiss and doesn't try to do anything impressive or big, but just a soft and gentle one :)
—Guest TortillaGirl

French Kiss

My girlfriend French kissed me the other day. It is the greatest kiss.

The REALLY Long Ones

Me and my boyfriend like to go out on my porch with the summer breeze hitting us just right and just kissing and I absolutely love when in between one of our kisses he whispers "I love you." It gives me chills down my spine and makes me kiss him even more passionately. I just think its amazing.
—Guest botdffreak

Gentle First Kiss

My first kiss was outside school and it did not work out with him! :( With my Boyfriend now the first kiss was so sweet, for the first kiss he gently gave me a plain lip kiss and it was beautiful. Don't be afraid, they will gradually become more interesting and exciting. Don't rush your first kiss, take it slow and modest. If you both want more then go for it! :)
—Guest Nicole


Oh my god I luv when my bf gives me hickey. It just turns me on. It's the best feeling ever.

French Kiss

My boyfriend loves when I french kiss him because he says that it turn him on fast.
—Guest French kiss


I love it when my bf tells me he loves me and looks into my eyes then kisses my nose. I also play around with him with by blowing into his mouth mid-kiss. His eyes light up then he does it back... I also like how right before we say goodnight or we have to go, he kisses me with so much passion consistently, then smiles and says I love you. He makes my world turn round...

French Kisses (wet)

I love kissing my bf. When he kisses me my world falls into place ::D
—Guest loverheart

First the Cheek, Then Lips, Then Neck

I remembered when the time I did it, I had my girlfriend in in front of the computer. I pulled her hand and my emotions can't hide so I first kissed her on the cheek, then at the lips, next to the neck. From that day on, I do it when I take her home...
—Guest allan

All of Them :)

I like 'em all in general, they're my favorite topic :)

Sweet Kiss

Today I had my first kiss. My boyfriend was at graduation and I found him after and gave him a kiss on the cheek, but he said that is not good enough. Then he grabbed my arm and pulled me back and just kissed me. It was the sweetest thing ever.
—Guest Unknown

Neck Kisses

Wow, when he kisses me on the neck it feels like I am in an episode of Degrassi.
—Guest lelu

Kiss on the Lips

My lover kiss me in the lips on the second date. It was really beautiful. First he kissed me on the cheeks and slowly kissed my lips. After that he kissed my neck.
—Guest gingo

French Kiss

I love the french kiss. Me and my boyfriend just made out the other day and he gently put me up against the wall and started kissing me. Slowly moving up my neck and finally french kissing. It was so sweet (:
—Guest unknown.

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