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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Way to Kiss?

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I love private kisses cuz public ones are too rushed. I had my first kiss in public and it totally ruined my relationship with the guy who broke up with me.
—Guest Claire(:

My First Kiss

I've only kissed her once. She'd be my girlfriend if it gave her that spark of love but it never happened. Shame really.
—Guest Ryan

Love Kiss

It's definitely the most romantic and the sweetest way to show someone how much you care about them. The more comfortable you are with the person and the more serious you are in a relationship will definitely make all of this even better. What really makes a love kiss special is if you and your partner tell each other that you love him/her before you kiss.
—Guest Megan

All Kisses are Great

All kisses are amazing. I have different faves every week.
—Guest fuzzzzzzzme

Lip Pulling

I love all kisses that me and my girlfriend share. She loves it after we lip lock when I gently pull on her lip.
—Guest lisa

Wet Kisses

I personally love wet kisses because I have two tongue rings, and whenever I kiss my boyfrind he enjoys my kisses because I make him shake and wet...

Any Kisses but Wet Ones

omg I love neck kisses! I love them more when they start out slow like it's calling you and then when my bf starts giving me a hickey. But I also love french kisses. It's like a sparkle just happens and can't stop it from catching on fire. Then I love soft romantic kisses. They are just so sweet. I just know that kisses rule except wet kisses, they disgust me.
—Guest minny360

Neck kisses

It's so tempting when my brother's friend neck kisses me and goes for my cheek. I think he's doing it the right way, and last time he gave me a hickey. It was awesome.
—Guest skatergirl

French Kisses

French is the best, no matter who it is with. It is just so magical and beautiful.
—Guest Catilyn

Soft and Romantic

Me n my girlfriend just kissed each other for the first time. We have only been dating for 2 dayz. I'm a lucky guy. She loves it when you go slow first, then go faster, then back to slow.
—Guest joey

Lip Suck

I love it when my boyfriend sucks on my lip and when his teeth just barely rub against my bottom lip. It feels really cool, I'm not sure why...
—Guest ailis

Neck Kisses

Tender slow kisses on the neck whispering in my ears: "my darling." Hold me tight in your wide shoulders and never let go!
—Guest Inluv

Neck Kisses

I love it when my boyfriend kisses me on the neck, and leading up to a hickey, and of course, the classic french kissing =]
—Guest Leslie

It's a Tie

Well the slow soft kind on the lips are nothing short of incredible. Foolproof way for my boyfriend to make me want him (we've been dating 19 months and it still works!) But the other thing that literally takes my breath away is when he kisses down my neck. Absolutely love it.
—Guest Hornplayer


You move closer, she wraps her armas limply around ur neck, crossing at the wrists then a kiss. Then some tongue. Then a full on french kiss and u know it's rite cuz her foot is in the air
—Guest Calokiy

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