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How to Kiss Like in

Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Way to Kiss?

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Everyone's got their own favorite types of kisses to give and get. What are some of yours? Share your thoughts - it's good kissing karma!

Neck All the Way

I just love when my bf goes from my lips to my check then hes at my neck and he starts soft then gets aggressive. Can u say super sexy!!!!!
—Guest sweetgirl


I love it when he bites my lip as we depart from a very passionate kiss, it totally tops everything off and makes me smile (:
—Guest Holly

Waist Hugs And Lip Kisses

I love it when my boyfriend hugs my waist from behind and kisses me passionately for like 5 minutes :D.
—Guest ChickenPotPie.

First Kisses

Me and my bf were going to the movies to see Source Code, and halfway through I kissed him on the cheek and we kissed for the first time for the whole second half of the movie. Then we went back to his house and made out on his bed for ages while his parents were home (and they didn't even realise). Then he took me to the station to get home and we made out some more in the middle of the street. It was heaps romantic and i loved it =D
—Guest imadinosaursolikerawrrr!!

Loong Surprise French Kisses

I love it when my bf and I will just be talking, when he just wraps his arms around my waist and kisses me w/ A LOT of tongue. Once our band director even caught us and we got in so much trouble, but we didn't care. He's soooo effin hot/sexy!!!!!!
—Guest French kisser

Romantic French Kiss

Today I had the best kiss of my life. My bf's so sexy and it was so romantic. He pulled me close to him and held me by the waist and I held him romantically and had the best french kiss for almost 15 minutes. He was sexxxxyyyy.
—Guest Lover girl

Passionate Kisses

I love when my guy puts his arms around me and my hands is around his neck, he usually nibbles on my lips when the kiss is done.
—Guest guesttweetygirl


I love when my bf slowly leans in and kisses me then again and again faster and faster, then finally slows it back down to build up to bomb tongue and holding me in his arms.
—Guest Nothing New

Yummy Kiss

I love it when my bf sucks on my neck and kisses it then moves round to my lips and then we French kiss for what feels like forever. Sooooooo damn sexyy xxx
—Guest aliciaaa x

Sexy Kiss

My gf loves it when we're watching a movie and I lay down on the bed and she puts her hands in my shirt and I kiss her neck and whisper I love you. Then she looks at me and says love you too, then she kisses me and we make out. And then she always wants to do it again(:
—Guest mygirl is amazing

Love Kiss

Kissing lightly on the lips and on your forehead, is so romantic and nurturing.

Long, Passionatee French

I love when my guy friend kisses me long and passionately. When he finishes he always looks at me and starts laughing. = )
—Guest FlAgDaY_pRiNcEsS

A Naughty, Flirty Kiss

This is because i like it! And by the way I'm a naughty girl ;)

French Kiss

The french kiss: cos it's sexy ;p mega sexy. Me and my friends french kiss each other all the time lol! rawwwrrrr!!!
—Guest georgina

Shy Kiss

I love it when my boyfriend kisses my neck and whispers in my ear, saying I love you so much. Then we will stare in each others eyes, then kiss. At first I'm shy because I'm the one who starts the kiss, so OMG!! Still awesome *blush*
—Guest talkative

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