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Readers Respond: My Favorite Teen Movie

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From the article: The 15 Best Teen Movies
What's your all-time favorite movie about high school? Tell us the name of the movie and why you like it so darn much.


I'm sorry but that is the best movie I have ever seen. Im so ready to see the last one lol Oh Megan Fox is so hot and I'm a chick.
—Guest con

5 Heartbeats

This movie isn't for all people, it has drama, love, and family. I like those things in a movie.
—Guest Shaneea


Clueless is a great teen movie and also an innocent love story. It starts the whatever thing and the clueless blonde thing.

The Outsiders

The Outsiders was such a touching movie. I loved it! Sodapop rules!
—Guest sakusyaolub

The Breakfast Club

Lol. I used to be an 80's fanatic. And I love teen movies and I stumbled upon this one couple years ago. It's awesome. It had me laughing and made me realize a lot.
—Guest Rina

American Pie

My favorite movie American Pie. It's basically about this group of boys on their journey to manhood - in English they're trying to get laid - two of the funniest/scariest parts are when this guy has sex with an apple pie and this chick discloses how much "fun" she and her flute had at band camp. Now go watch it!!!!!!!!!


Scarface is a good movie. It has a lot of F bombs in it and a lot of drug references.
—Guest john


lol, funniest movie out. Like seriously, whose vagina had friggen teeth? lol. Love it :) xx

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